The first editions of Luther 95 theses (1517-1518)

Three undated early editions (late 1517, early 1518?) are known. The original Wittenberg edition is lost. It probably had the same section (3×25 + 20 theses) as the Nurnberg edition, which is considered to be a look-alike [copy] of the lost original. 
Note: None has an imprint. So printer, place, date are all inferred based on circumstantial evidence.

1. neat copy (probably) of the original publication: Hieronymus Stöltzel – Nurnberg.

2. sloppy edition – misnumbered! Leipzig (Melchior Lotter ? Jacob Thanner?). Another copy of this edition has an manuscript annotation at the top in the handwriting of Luthers’ friend and colleague Johann Lang, to whom Luther had sent a letter with the theses enclosed.


3. First known booklet printing: Adam Petri – Basel. On the title page with pencil not only Adam Petri is mentioned, but also a “Johannes Ruser” (??): owner?
A title had to be invented: Disputatio D. Martini Luther theologi, pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiarum.

NB: contrary to what is generally thought, this edition is also undated. The year 1517 is part of the printed text and refers to the original date of the disputation (which AFAIK never took place). Remarkable: the original numbering is maintained.
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