Johann Walter, Ein neues Lied wir heben an (2x SATB)

Transcription of the two SATB-versions Johann Walter published of this song. The oldest (the ‘original’) can be found in the Geistliches Gesangbuchlein (Wittenberg) 1524/5). A new version appeared in a re-issue of this book in 1534. I based my transcription on the 1537 edition. You can find it on imslp. The main difference lies in the last line of the tune. It differs from the the 1524/5 edition. [for those who understand Dutch or are satisfied with the images to see the difference, this page]. Now it is identical to the original editon of the first printed version we know of (The Erfurt Enchiridion of 1523). Walter also made a new setting of the the first line. The version is more festive.

1. Geistliches Gesangbuchlein 1524/1525


2. Geistliches Gesangbuchlein 1537